Social Entrepreneur Corps

The Dominican Republic
"Social Entrepreneur Corps DR is a life-changing experience. Interns get fully immersed in a new culture, meet amazing people, use a foreign language, and this all helps to create a comprehensive and fulfilling experience. Instead of just reading about social entrepreneurship or watching other people do it, interns are given free reign and responsibility to do the best work in the field." - Arohi B., Miami University, the Dominican Republic


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Social Entrepreneur Corps 2015 Programs: Dominican Republic

"I'm happy because I've learned a lot from the interns and have been able to collaborate with people who aren't from my country. I loved their attitude and I loved how they came to look for solutions to the problems that we have in our community."

 - Elba V., Asociacion de Mujeres Esperanzas Unidas, Dominican Republic


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A few of our favorite photos...
Social Entrepreneur Corps 2014 Dominican Republic Social Entrepreneur Corps 2014 Dominican Republic

Highlighted student deliverables

Declaro Mis Derechos Brochure, Dominican Republic
Participants created a promotional brochure for families seeking to declare their children in the DR.

Solar Lamp Girasol Info Sheet, Dominican Republic
Participants designed a promotional flyer for the new solar lamp product.
Water and Sanitation Manual, Dominican Republic
Participants created an informational manual to help entrepreneurs promote best practices for hand washing in conjunction with water filter sales.
Social Entrepreneur Corps, DR eliverable 2014 Social Entrepreneur Corps, DR eliverable 2014 Social Entrepreneur Corps, DR eliverable 2014

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