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My time spent in Ecuador was filled with joy, growth and personal development. Speaking Spanish, living in homestays and traveling the country allowed for total immersion in this rich culture.  Through exposure to a wide variety of communities, organizations and people, I was able to fully appreciate the diversity that exists within Ecuador.” – Cate  T., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Ecuador

Ecuador Map 2014 Social Entrepreneur Corps

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Social Entrepreneur Corps 2015 Programs: Ecuador

“I am very grateful for the 'charlas' (workshops) presented by the students from Social Entrepreneur Corps and I feel strongly that the information provided will greatly help the efforts of the various business owners in the community.  I am also very excited for the second round of workshops from the next group of Social Entrepreneur Corps students and think that they will prove to be effective and informative as well!"

- José G., Vice President,The Association of Small Business People and Agricultural Producers, Palmar, Santa Elena, Ecuador

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Social Entrepreneur Corps, Ecuador, 2014 Social Entrepreneur Corps, Ecuadoe 2014

Highlighted student deliverables

Nutrition and Hygiene Habits, Ecuador
Participants designed a nutrition and hygiene poster to promote healthy habits in rural communities

Shampoo Production Manual, Ecuador
Participants designed a shampoo production manual to support local artisans in venturing in a new business opportunity
Andean Stove Manual, Ecuador 
Participants created a construction manual to facilitate training and building process of stoves in Ecuador
Ecuador 2014 deliverable Ecuador Deliverable 2014 Ecuador 2014 Deliverable

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